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The Reading2Connect® program helps everyone with all different cognitive issues be able to connect. People with lower capabilities are able to read the Reading2Connect® books. Higher functioning residents read to others conducting their own reading discussion groups. These books truly are for all to enjoy!
—Brenda Addison, Activity Director
Magic happens when we pull together a Reading2Connect® group. These groups incorporate the eight dimensions of wellness -- it doesn’t get much better than that!
—Laurie Lynch-Young, Recreation Director
Seeing a group of residents reading to each other, you see them sharing joy and passion. You see the level of happiness brought forth by this program. It’s made all of our lives here that much richer.
—Kathleen Dess, Executive Director
As they age, most people notice diminishing hearing, vision, mobility, and memory. Interest in daily life wanes. Without intervention, life becomes closer to existence than pleasure. The Reading2Connect® books provide a method to slow this process. For those who feel reading has become too difficult, the startling white pages with the black bold letters bring back the ability to enjoy reading again. Each sentence is pretty much a paragraph and elicits conversation on its own. Using Susan’s books, residents share the most wonderful memories with such joy in the telling. Laughter and wonder abound. Easy to implement, Susan’s program fills a void in the lives of some of our most vulnerable senior citizens. It is a learning experience and so much fun!
—Judith Simmons, Senior Volunteer