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If you are interested in learning more about AGE-u-cate Training Institute and it's programs, we're excited to talk to you! Use the contact form below to submit your inquiry or call us anytime at the phone number shown at the right.

AGE-u-cate Training Institute
U.S. Corporate Office
PO Box 1192
Hurst, TX 76053-1192
General Contact Email

Customer Service & Training Registration
817.857.1157 ext. 205
Email Customer Service

Program Sales
Laura Ellen Christian
817.857.1157 ext. 217

CMP Grant Inquiries and Information
Julie Boggess
Vice President of Workforce Development Initiatives
817.857.1157 ext. 216
Email Julie Boggess

Accounting & Financial Matters
817.857.1157 ext. 203
Email Accounting