Our Story : AGEucate Training Institute
Our Story
Pam Brandon

Decades ago, our CEO and founder, Pam Brandon encountered the complex challenges of caring for her aging parents. AGE-u-cate Training Institute was born from the lessons learned and her unwavering commitment to ensuring her parents' highest quality of care and life.

Reflecting back, Pam said, "I cared so deeply for the well-being of my parents as they struggled with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Yet, I was desperately seeking education, support, and resources and felt frustrated, inadequate, and confused most of the time. As I maneuvered the myriad of responsibilities as a family care partner, it left little room to care for myself and my family. It's often a lonely road."

Armed with 15 years of caregiving wisdom, Pam set out to empower thousands of other caregivers, providing impactful education and compassionate support throughout a vast North Texas region.

She tapped into her entrepreneurial skills and deep commitment to experiential education, having founded and created a successful hands-on children's museum in her hometown years earlier. Pam said, "My first visit to a hands-on children's museum with my children had me hooked on the value of 'learning by doing'. At the time, I didn't realize that the skills I had developed in creating a children's museum would propel my decision to create AGE-u-cate! I couldn't wait to bring this experience to families in my community, so I made it happen."

Blending the power of experiential learning with dementia training, Pam created Dementia LiveĀ®, the first of AGE-u-cate's transformative education programs serving the expansive needs across the aging spectrum - from families to multi-disciplinary professionals.

Today, AGE-u-cate Training Institute's global footprint and unique niche of delivering highly effective, experiential aging and dementia care training are dynamically growing to meet the fast-changing needs of the aging world. Their team of passionate, like-minded professionals is committed to igniting change for aging service providers, empowering them to improve the lives of older adults while supporting and educating those who care for them.