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FlashBack™ is an interactive reminiscing activity that draws on the power of everyday items from the past to ignite the senses, evoke memories, and change relationships from employees and those living with dementia

Reminiscing therapy
designed to engage:
  • Professional care-partners - Strengthens team relationships | Builds insight | Aids communication
  • Family Caregivers - Engages meaningful interaction with loved one
  • Community Outreach - Strengthens marketability with an innovative approach to community engagement
  • People living with dementia
Reminiscing is an important activity for everyone. We all cherish our happy memories and enjoy talking about them.
It is also a stimulating mental activity, promoting good social interaction and strengthening friendships.
Reminiscing Activity
Price $55.00
  • 100 vivid image, high-gloss, wipeable cards
  • Leader guide
  • Answer guide
  • Link to online video learning guide
Benefits of Reminiscing
  • Promote stability
  • Improve staff’s ‘person-centered’ awareness
  • Impart wisdom through sharing experiences
  • Promote self-understanding
  • Validation of personal life stories
  • Build coping mechanisms
  • Meaningful and enjoyable interaction
  • Promote communication and creativity
  • Opportunity to form new friendships
  • Therapeutic for people suffering from depression
Provider Testimonials
The Flashback activity provided non-stop fun and engagement. Our group members and volunteer staff enjoyed selecting their photo cards and then taking turns reminiscing about them. As an activity director, I was very encouraged to see how the activity enabled my less verbal group members to come alive and participate. The Flashback activity made our day both enjoyable and memorable!
— Pam Pellizzari, Memory Programs Director
     Barrington Area Council on Aging

Customized plans for large organization roll-outs available.
Contact: Laura Ellen Christian
817-857-1157 X 217