Flashback™ is an interactive Life Engagement Activity that draws on the power of everyday items from the past to ignite the senses, evoke memories, and change relationships
The images represented in the collection reveal memories about people, places, experiences, and emotions

Flashback is designed to teach:
  • Professional care-partners - Strengthens team relationships | Builds insight | Aids communication
  • Family Caregivers - Engages meaningful interaction with loved one
  • Community Outreach - Strengthens marketability with an innovative approach to community engagement
Finding joy in a sponge roller

Who thinks of a sponge roller anymore – or even knows what one is? But for one Flashback participant it evoked sweet memories of her grandmother “putting up” her hair on a Saturday night to get ready for church the next day. With tears in her eyes she told about swapping stories, laughing and eating yummy snacks as her grandmother wound her hair around rows of pink rollers. This woman relived those sweet times and reconnected to her grandmother, sparked by a sponge roller.


Who remembers the Edsel?

In its day, the Edsel was considered to be an advanced automobile. It's distinctive front grill was its signature. The Edsel was only in production for 3 years before Ford decided to cease production. This is what makes the Edsel a bygone memory of the late 50's, early 60's. Today, nobody really thinks about the Edsel anymore, but when people of that generation see a photo, it evokes many memories. Their family may have had one along the way. The flashback program is designed to evoke even the most distant memories of objects that have since fallen by the wayside.

How to get Flashback

Flashback is purchased as a set with:

  • 100 high-quality images that were carefully chosen to span multiple generations
  • Leader Guide
  • Answer Guide
  • Access to our online FlashBack™ Training Video

Cost is $55.00 per set. Each facility must order its own licensed copy of the program. To purchase now, click the link below. Quantity discounts available.

The Flashback activity provided non-stop fun and engagement. Our group members and volunteer staff enjoyed selecting their photo cards and then taking turns reminiscing about them. As an activity director, I was very encouraged to see how the activity enabled my less verbal group members to come alive and participate. The Flashback activity made our day both enjoyable and memorable!
— Pam Pellizzari, Memory Programs Director
     Barrington Area Council on Aging