Opening Minds through Art : AGEucate Training Institute
Unlock the Transformative Power of Art in the Lives of Those Living With Dementia
This unique program delves into the compelling reasons behind conducting arts-based intergenerational programming that benefits both older adults and younger adult volunteers/students.
This course gives reasoning behind conducting arts-based intergenerational programming that benefits both older adults living with dementia and younger adult volunteers. You will learn how to better engage and support the creative process of people living with dementia through an example case study of Opening Minds through Art (OMA).

The course summarizes the impact of OMA on the well-being of older adults living with dementia and on the younger adults’ attitudes toward people living with dementia. The course does not certify you as an OMA volunteer or an OMA facilitator. Additional training is required to become a trained OMA volunteer or a certified OMA facilitator.
The Intergenerational Arts Programming for People Living with Dementia course is perfect for:
  • Engagement professionals working in senior care
  • Hospice volunteers and activity staff
  • CNAs interested in expanding their careers
  • Healthcare professionals looking to gain new skills
  • Family caregivers invested in improving quality of life for loved ones
Adapted from the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) training program which certifies volunteers to implement OMA in long-term care settings, this 2-hour certificate course teaches core principles of the program. Learners are equipped with foundational tools necessary to engage and interact with people living with dementia through arts-based programming modalities.
Course Price per learner: $225
This Online Training Course Includes Digital Certificates and Badges
This course is approved for 2 CEUs for LPNs, RNs, Social Workers, PTs, OTs, Nursing Home Administrators, Activity Directors through NCCAP and more.
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Opening Minds through Art (OMA) is an intergenerational art program designed for people living with dementia aimed at promoting their social engagement, autonomy, and dignity through the experience of creative self-expression. Since 2007, OMA’s mission is to build bridges across age and cognitive barriers through art. OMA is headquartered at Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
Clearly, the OMA program is one of the highlights (if not THE highlight) of my mom’s week. It was wonderful to see how focused she was on her work, (later she told me that she didn't even notice that other people were there while she was working), and to feel the special connection she has with you, as well as what she is building with her student, who is so lovely and gentle.
Thanks so much again for OMA, and for your compassion and dedication, and that of your staff, qualities which are so crucial to helping my mom and the others to re-discover themselves.
My mom had largely lost the ability to communicate with others, meaning that her ability to express herself was severely limited. Her experiences with three rounds of OMA provided a much-needed boost to her sense of well-being and ability to communicate.
Customized plans for large organization roll-outs available.
Contact: Laura Ellen Christian
817-857-1157 X 217