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A transformative dementia simulation and
empathy training experience that empowers
staff, families and the community at large.
“It's frightening to care for someone you don't understand”
Dementia Live® Is a high impact, dementia simulation experience that immerses participants into life with dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment and sensory change.
Dementia Live®...
  • Is Feasible - Easily Implemented; High-impact experiential learning suitable for every member of your organization, regardless of his or her role
  • Heightens Empathy and understanding; Builds new bridges of communication; Improves dedication to person-centered care practices
  • Elevates Family Engagement - A catalyst for meaningful communication; Improves quality of visits with loved one; Improves interaction with care-team; Higher family satisfaction survey scores.
  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction - Improved relationships with residents/patients; Reduces care-partner stress; Contributes to improved retention rates; Higher employee satisfaction survey scores.
  • Strengthens Marketability with a unique and innovative program for community outreach; Sets your organization apart with a dynamic program for building relationships in your city and region.
Become a Dementia Live® Certified Organization

Selected members of your staff attend this engaging one-day, 6-hour training led by Pam Brandon, creator of Dementia Live®. Once each team member successfully completes the training, they are then designated as a Dementia Live® Certified Coach and authorized to conduct the Dementia Live® Experience with staff members, families and lead community outreach education events. For more information on options for Live Webinar Coach training click here.

Selected members of your staff can enroll in our e-Learning training program, consisting of two online sessions and one, self directed, on-site training session. Our e-Learning training program allows your staff members to take the training at his/her pace as time allows. Once successfully completed, they are then designated as Certified Dementia Live® Coaches and authorized to conduct the Dementia Live® Experience for fellow staff members and community outreach events. For more information about our e-Learn training classes, click here


We license your organization to use the Dementia Live® branded program and materials for one year. Annual renewal of certification is required.

Follow-up support

We provide on-going support for Coaches throughout the license period including an online refresher video series available to all registered coaches.

Registration Process

We offer two methods of training to suit your organization's needs. They are as follows: