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Dementia Live® Will Transform and Empower Your Attendees Like Nothing Else

Your conference attendees will be “Wowed” by this innovative Experience that reveals what it's like to live in the world of dementia. It’s powerful and effective!
How does it Work?

Dementia Live can be offered on the trade show floor or in a breakout session room. Participants are outfitted in specialized gear and given a series of tasks to perform in an enclosed Experience area, were they discover the challenges of life with cognitive impairment. Immediately following the Experience, a trained AGE-u-cate professional engages with the participants in a unique Empowerment Session where they learn about the tools to improve communications, care processes and more.

How Many People Can Go Through Dementia Live®?

As many as you would like! We have the ability to set up multiple stations so that hundreds of your conference goers can go through the Experience, either simultaneously or by offering throughout the conference day.

What Conferences are a perfect fit for Dementia Live®?

Long Term Care, Hospice, Homecare, Nursing, Social Work, Hospital, EMS, Retail, Travel, Dementia and Age Friendly Organizations, Elder Law, Financial Planners, Insurance Professionals - ANYONE who works with older adults should go through Dementia Live®.

Contact Laura Ellen Christian, President, who will work with your event staff to make the Dementia Live® conference experience a huge hit at your event. Scheduling and layout are flexible to best meet your needs and the needs of your participants. We secure and coordinate all volunteers, provide sign-up, signage and materials.

For more information on how to bring

to your next convention or trade show
Contact: Laura Ellen Christian
817-857-1157 X 217