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Despite having the retained ability to read, most people living with dementia and other neurogenic conditions stop reading in the early stages of their disease. The reluctance to read is not because they can’t read, rather, they can’t read conventional published material. Nursing Homes need innovative and time-friendly life enrichment programming that elevates the well-being of the people in their care living with dementia, and Reading2Connect does just that.

Let the results from a Reading2Connect project inspire you to take the next step and explore the possibility of a CMP grant.

  • 100% of the residents reported that they liked the Reading2Connect books
  • 78% of the staff reported when residents are experiencing negative emotions, the Reading2Connect books help residents feel better.
  • 95% of the staff reported that the Reading2Connect books stimulate spontaneous resident-to-resident interaction.


The Reading2Connect® program helps everyone with all different cognitive issues be able to connect. People with lower capabilities are able to read the Reading2Connect® books. Higher functioning residents read to others conducting their own reading discussion groups. These books truly are for all to enjoy!
— Brenda Addison, Activity Director
Magic happens when we pull together a Reading2Connect® group. These groups incorporate the eight dimensions of wellness -- it doesn’t get much better than that!
— Laurie Lynch-Young, Recreation Director
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