Agency Partner
Do you have a commitment to training excellence in dementia care?
What are Agency Partners?

An agency partner may be a community based organization, long term care provider, training company or other entity that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • They have been trained on AGE-u-cate program(s) and wish to elevate their relationship with us in order to train other organizations in these programs
  • This organization exemplifies high standards of staff training and is also committed to educating families and stakeholders within their own geographic area
  • The organization is committed to working with AGE-u-cate, supporting our mission and values in a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship
Why Be an Agency Partner?

We seek organizations with similar shared missions, a commitment to excellence in training, and who value the collaborative relationship and benefits that such a partnership program can provide for both parties.

What Is the Agency Partner’s Commitment?
  • One or more persons are trained as Practitioners in one or both programs
  • The Agency renews a license fee every year. The license fee is based on the geographic area that you will serve
  • The Agency commits to regular communications with AGE-u-cate’s senior team and ongoing learning opportunities
  • The Agency agrees to a minimum number of Dementia Live or Compassionate Touch Coach trainings per year
Where Do I Learn More about this Program?

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