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Certified Nursing Homes in Any State May Be Eligible to Apply for Our Training at No Cost!
We can help you through the process

You may be eligible to receive innovative and engaging care team training and education programs at no cost.

The Civil Monetary Penalty Grant (CMP) program is administered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that grants funds to certified long-term care facilities. These funds may be used for program and initiatives to protect and promote quality of care and quality of life for your residents.

A few ways we can help
  • Referring you to the appropriate state contact
  • Providing accurate written narrative for project request
  • Working with your personnel to clearly define project budget
  • Consult with your leadership team for multi-site/multi-state application procedures

Our Programs Help to Improve Nursing Home Care

Our Dementia Live® and Compassionate Touch® programs qualify for CMS funding! These training programs are innovative, person-centered and will demonstrate your commitment to Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement initiatives. AGE-u-cate is ready to partner with you by guiding you through the CMP application process to access funds to bring one or both of our transformative training programs to your community.

Our experience working in the CMP space, combined with the effectiveness of our programs, is a winning opportunity for you organization!

For more information, please contact:

Julie Boggess
Director of CMP and Consulting Projects
Email Julie