Join us in 2021 as AGE-u-cate continues on a Virtual Road Trip around the globe to empower and ignite participants by learning from innovators, change agents and creative minds in the dementia care space!
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Successful (and Fun!) Community Outreach Ideas – Virtually and In-Person
Reaching caregivers and older adults during this past year required us all to put our creative hats on and get to work. We want to share and learn about some of the great things that were started in response to last year’s restrictions. We are super excited to bring the Road Trip home to Northeast Texas and welcome Gail Snider, Executive Director of Dementia Friendly Fort Worth, to talk about how they got to work to ensure that the community did not go without education, support and resources during COVID. She’ll tell us about the program they developed and some of the community organizations they have partnered with to make it a great success. We’ll want to hear from YOU as well. Have you found that virtual education will not stop even as COVID restrictions begin to relax? What did you and your organization do to transform your community outreach and support efforts? There will be time for you to share your own stories. Register Today for our July Road Trip stopping right here in Texas. The first 50 registrations will be eligible to win a set of Flashback Reminiscence Cards. See you soon!
Wednesday, July 21, 2021
1:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time

Gail Snider
Executive Director of Dementia Friendly Fort Worth

Gail Snider currently serves as Executive Director for Dementia Friendly Fort Worth and was instrumental in launching this initiative which is now reaching beyond the borders of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Texas. Gail is committed to helping families and the community navigate age related decisions. Having walked a 12-year journey with her Mother-in-law and dementia, she has helpful insight into issues and services families desperately need and works diligently to help persons living with dementia and their care partners have better quality of life within the community.


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