Cultivating Empathy - From Caregiver to Empathetic Caregiver


Anyone who works in aging services is a caregiver of some kind. Caregiving requires many skills, and one very important skill is empathy. This course will help caregivers understand the value of empathy in caring for another person, provide tools to improve communication skills, especially with persons living with dementia, and self-care practice tips to avoid compassion fatigue.

In this one-hour, device friendly training the learner will:
  • Define empathy and identify behaviors and communication skills that convey empathy to others
  • Recognize how to foster one’s ability to relate to others with empathy
  • Identify self-care strategies to avoid compassion fatigue

This training course is delivered in 6 short modules, allowing the learner to pause as needed. A Certificate of Completion, valid for two years from the course completion date, will be issued upon successfully completing the course.

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