Promoting Quality of Life and Well-being

$25.00 Per Learner

Caregivers are expected to help ensure the quality of life and well-being of the elders they serve. But, what is a quality life? And how do we know when we've achieved it? In this course, we'll explore the meaning of quality of life from the elder's perspective, along with practical tips on how to support what's most important to them. We'll also focus on the well-being of the caregiver and how to engage family members to help support quality of life.

In this one-hour device-friendly training, the participant will gain:
● The meaning of quality of life and wellbeing.
● Strategies to foster quality of life and wellbeing for elders in care settings.
● Self-care strategies to prevent caregiver burnout and ensure wellbeing.
● Methods of collaborating with the elder's family members to foster quality of life.

This training is delivered in six short modules, approximately ten minutes each, allowing the learner to pause as needed. A Certificate of Completion, valid for two years from the course completion data, will be issued upon completing the course.

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