Sparks for today's dementia care
Hands-On        Innovative        Practical
Care for older people is, more than ever, about care for people living with dementia. Care providers now embrace the need to “do it differently”, moving beyond biomedical to person-centered models. But what does “different” look like in practice?
We believe the solution lies in practical, high-impact approaches that make it possible for people with dementia and those who care about them to live well. The “SPARKS” in this six-hour interactive workshop take you on a journey of self-discovery and skill development, culminating in an operational plan for integration into your organisation.
  • Spark 1. (Objectives) Engage in a cutting edge hands-on experience of living with dementia, transforming care-partners' understanding and empathy for their residents. From the eperience, staff will be empowered with effective tools to improve communications and care processes.
  • Spark 2. (Objectives) Understand the power of skilled touch as it relates to elder care. Practice skilled touch techniques that can be put into immediate practice in preventing the behavioral expression, inducing relaxation, and helping care partners relieve stress.
  • Spark 3. (Objectives) Discover how everday items from the past ignite the senses, evoke memories, and change relationships. This personalized approach reaches into the past to restore identity, dignity, purpose, and joy of living!
This program can be tailored to your organizations's specific needs
Who Should Attend?
Dementia Care Stakeholders. If you coordinate or carry out care for people with dementia, this program is for you.
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