Dementia Live® e-Learning Coach Training
Organizations may now become authorized to deploy the powerful Dementia Live® program for use as staff training, family engagement, and to educate your local community through our web-based training program. This comprehensive training fully prepares coaches with the required instruction, tools, and ongoing support resources.
Dementia Live® allows organizations to:
  • Conduct the DL Experience for staff training, family education and as a community education program
  • Learn skills to facilitate a dynamic and impactful Empowerment Session that will teach professional and family caregivers how to improve communication skills, care processes, and make dementia friendly changes to their living environment.
  • Use the AGE-u-cate Coach On-line resources for education tools to enhance this program
  • Use the AGE-u-cate Coach On-line resources for education tools to enhance this program as well as online access to necessary forms to properly conduct the Experience and Empowerment Session
  • Successfully track outcomes for those who live in, work in, and visit your communities
  • Access to bi-monthly Coach Connections newsletter and On-line Coach Connection Calls and live, on-line chat.
Dementia Live® e-Learning Coach Training:
  • $695* for First Participant from the Same location (community or office)
  • $225 for each additional participant from the same location or office
  • $335 Gear Pack (available in multiple quantities)
    • 4 sets of specialized Dementia Live® eyewear
    • 4 wireless MP3 headphones pre-loaded with the Dementia Live® confusion sound
    • 1 multi-port rapid charger for charging MP3 headphones
    • 4 pairs of special gloves
    • 20 task materials and starter pack of consumables
    • One Dementia Live® training manual

    Note: A minimum of 1 Dementia Live® Gear Pack is required for each group of participants from same site organization

Registration Process
  • Participants should register with their company email address.
  • Upon registration and payment, the Dementia Live® Gear Pack will be sent to the specified shipping address within two business days. Average shipping time is 5 to 7 business days in the U.S. The Gear Pack contains all elements necessary for training.
  • The link to the course will be contained in an email sent soon after registration. Please note: The course should not be started until the Gear Pack arrives.
  • Once the Gear Pack has been received, learners may begin the Coach Training course at any time.
How does the e-Learning Training work?
  • Our e-Learning training is the same high-quality training as our on-site training. The e-Learn course material is presented in a modular fashion making it easier for learners with busy schedules to progress as time allows rather than all at once.
  • e-Learning participants are required to have a laptop, desktop PC, or tablet (any OS) with built-in speakers. An Internet connection with adequate speed is also required.
  • Soon after registration, learners will receive an email from our online training system with a link to the training course. Learners will not begin the course until the Gear Pack is received. The course is structured as follows:
    • Session A consists of 5 modules that prepare each learner to correctly and effectively conduct the Dementia Live Experience. Each module is less than 30 minutes in length followed by a short quiz. All modules and quizzes must be successfully completed in sequence before proceeding. The skills learned in Session A will enable the learner to complete Session B.
    • Session B is the self-directed, on-site practice. Learners will have 2 days after completing Session A to put a minimum of 12 people through the Dementia Live® Experience. Learners from the same organization may conduct the practice work together with the same 12 individuals. Learners will not be able to continue to Session C for a minimum of two days following the successful completion of Session A, at which time an email will be sent announcing the availability of Session C.
    • Session C consists of 4 modules that review Session B and prepares each learner to organize and effectively implement staff trainings and community outreach events using Dementia Live®. Each module is less than 30 minutes in length followed by a short quiz. After the last module, learners will be presented with a comprehensive course review test. After successfully completing the course test, and a short survey, learners are awarded a Dementia Live® Coach Training Certificate for download.
* An annual renewal fee of $295 per authorized provider is required to maintain license