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Compassionate Touch® e-Learning Coach Training
The Compassionate Touch® program is now available through our web-based training

Compassionate Touch helps providers achieve goals related to person-centered dementia care and reduction of unnecessary use of anti-psychotic medication. This practical, evidence-informed approach literally puts in caregiver’s hands a non-pharmacological solution that:

  • Is Feasible: Uses existing resources | Easy to learn | Practicality ensures sustainability
  • Is Effective: Decreases anxiety | Promotes sleep | Eases pain | Builds trust in caregivers | Provides a non-pharmacological prevention strategy for behavioral symptoms
  • Facilitates Staff Satisfaction: Reduces job burnout | Builds strong relationships | Aligns with person-centered care practices
  • Encourages Family Engagement: Provides a means for family to calm, comfort and support their loved one | Enhances the family’s experience as a member of the care-team
  • Strengthens Marketability with a unique program for community outreach | Sets your organization apart | Demonstrates commitment to culture change

Compassionate Touch Coach Training for Individuals or Organizations

  • Upon completion of the e-Learning training course, participants are designated as authorized Compassionate Touch® Coaches and empowered to train staff in their facility or organization and conduct family or community presentations. The facility or organization is authorized to use the Compassionate Touch® program and materials. To help ensure sustainability, AGE-u-cate provides on-going support for Coaches throughout the license period.

Coach Training Objectives and Content Outline
Compassionate Touch® e-Learning Coach Training:
  • $395* for first participant from the same location (community or office) plus $35 for the required Training Pack
  • $395 plus $35 for the required Training Pack for each additional learner from the same location or office.
  • All learners are required to have a Training Pack and manual during training.
Registration Process
  • Upon registration and payment, Training Packs with manuals will be sent out. A link to the AGE-u-cate Training Portal will be sent via email. Training can begin when the Training Pack and manual arrive.
  • Participants MUST register with their company email address (no personal emails please)
  • Within approximately 24 to 48 hours, registrants will receive an email confirmaton to the email address given to us during the registration with a link to our training portal.
How does the e-LearningTraining work?
  • Our web based training is the same high-quality training as our in-person training except that it is conducted via the Internet with our specialized online e-learning training program.
  • The e-Learning training program consists of two online modules and one self-directed on-site practice. After receiving their Training Pack, your staff can begin our online training program at any time convenient to them, progressing at a self-directed pace.
  • The e-Learning training will prepare and authorize coaches to train staff in their facility or organization on the Compassionate Touch techniques and and how to conduct family or community presentations. Learners must have their training manuals with them during the training
  • All that is required to participate in our e-Learning program is a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC) with speakers.
* An annual renewal fee of $295 per authorized provider is required to maintain license
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