Robotic Companion Pets Specialist Training
This evidence-informed training empowers care partners to effectively use Joy for All™ Robotic Companion Pets to help reduce behavioral expression of distress in people with dementia. Joy for All™ Robotic Companion Pets provides comfort, companionship, and pleasure, improving quality of life and well-being.
Research demonstrates the following benefits for persons living with dementia:
  • Increased interaction with others and their surroundings
  • Connection to memories
  • Increased feeling of self-worth
  • Decreased anxiety and agitation
  • Improved mood
  • Increased physical activity
Training participants will gain skills in how to:
  • Determine who may best benefit from interaction with a Robotic Companion Pet
  • Use skilled engagement, reminiscence, and validation to encourage therapeutic interaction
  • Identify behaviors that indicate a positive impact on the elder’s wellbeing
  • Apply infection control guidelines to ensure safety
  • Track the impact of the Robotic Companion Pet on an elder’s dementia-related behavior

Download the Companion Pet Online Training Objectives and Content (pdf) here

Downloadable resources included with this training:
  1. User Guide
  2. Family User Guide
  3. Communication techniques guide
  4. Certificate of Completion

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