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It's never too early to begin. It's never too late to start™
Ageless Grace is a profound body of work that provides amazing results in all ages — yet it simple to learn, playful, easy to do – and FUN! It may change the model of aging in America – and the world! – and change the quality of function in your own future.
21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease

Ageless Grace® is a cutting-edge brain fitness program based on neuroplasticity that activates all 5 functions of the brain - analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity and imagination - and simultaneously addresses all 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function. Created by Denise Medved, the program consists of 21 simple exercise Tools designed for all ages and abilities. These exercises, based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and mind.

The 21 Tools have creative, imaginative names, so they are easy to remember. They are simple to do at home. The movements are designed to be performed seated in a chair, yet they can be done on a bed, standing near or behind a chair, down on the floor, or standing. Almost anyone can do them, regardless of most physical conditions. For more information on Ageless Grace, play the video.

Become an Educator

13.5 – hour Certification – designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace Educator. Ageless Grace is perfect for Activities Directors or others who work with residents in independent living, assisted living or memory care settings, and is easily incorporated into existing movement and exercise programs.

Educators can teach in group settings or use the Tools with residents or clients as an individual activity. This certification goes in-depth into the primary and secondary benefits of each Tool, safety and precautions, guidance on music selections and playlists, and a wide variety of ideas for teaching these tools of spontaneous movements sparked by imagination and creativity.

See a video from our recent Virtual Road Trip featuring V'Ann Giuffre, AGE-u-cate VP of Operations and certified Ageless Grace Instructor, demonstrate some Ageless Grace excercises during COVID-19 social distancing.

Program Cost

$315 – cost of the Educator Training

$75 – required training materials (Ageless Grace Playbook, set of three DVDs featuring all 21 Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease, a set of flashcards)

More information on Ageless Grace, contact:

V’Ann Giuffre

Ageless Grace Trainer
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Ageless Grace® is approved for 12.5 hours of CEs for Activity Professionals through NCCAP

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