The Silent Crisis
The Working Carer
The number of carers in the workforce has increased threefold in the last five years and will continue to increase over the next ten years
Few companies realize the implications that working carers have on their costs, productivity and bottom line. Business needs to pay attention. MetLife estimates that the cost of caregiving to U.S. employers has been estimated at between $17 and $33 billion per year. The staggering increase in those caring for aging adults is what many call a Tsunami.

Companies who provide education, guidance and support for their carers benefit from carers being more productive at work, less absenteeism and reduced personal time taken away from their work to care for aging loved ones. Carers are at a much high risk of stress and depression; companies can help their employees through this time by offering workplace aged programs, patient advocacy services and more technology that allows carers to balance work, life and caregiving responsibilities.

The AGEucated™ Working Carer Program

Dynamic, high-impact half-day to full-day workshops designed to provide critical guidance, tools, and empowerment for employees caring for older adults. Workshops are tailored to your employee’s needs based on a survey questionnaire.

Topics include but are not limited to dealing with carer stress, navigating healthcare, home safety (driving, fall prevention, medication management), understanding long term care options, accessing community resources, dealing with family relationships, understanding dementia and more.

All participants receive a carer organizer and access to AGEucate's continuing on-line education resources.

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