Pam BrandonPam Brandon


Pam brings over 20 years’ experience in family and professional carer education. Having engaged and trained thousands of care-partners and organisations, she is passionate about helping others embrace positive change. She is privileged to lead and direct this fast-growing company to new heights of success. Originally from the Chicago, Illinois area in the U.S., she now lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area where she has been for over 33 years, and proudly calls it home.

V'Ann GiuffreV’Ann Luedke Giuffre

V.P. Operations
Training Specialist

V’Ann has been an education specialist in school, business and conference settings for over 20 years. She finds great satisfaction in making learning come alive for people, whether aged 3 or 93. She brings her energised teaching style to her role as Master Trainer for Dementia Live® and Compassionate Touch® and is a Certified Ageless Grace™ educator. As AGE-u-cate’s Vice President of Operations, V’Ann keeps the balls in the air, juggling logistical details. Born and raised in the U.S. in rural Central Texas, V’Ann now lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Renee Riffey

National Sales Director
Training Specialist

Renee specializes in working with people supporting older adults and those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Her role as National Sales Director with AGE-u-cate Training Institute helps to identify training needs for companies, elder-care communities and other care-centered organisations. Renee and the AGE-u-cate team are providing training and tools for care-partners all over the world to create transformative change for an ageing world.

Prior to joining the AGE-u-cate team, Renee started and built a home care agency serving eastern Iowa in the U.S. She was able to work on the front lines with both family and professional carers to ensure safety, support and care for older Iowans. She also works with the Older Iowan Legislature, her local Area Agency on Aging organisation and the Alzheimer’s Association to advocate for improved quality of life for older adults.

Sue SilcoxSue Silcox

Owner/Operator of Somatic Touch Movement Therapy, Brisbane, Australia
Director of Operations, Australia
Certified Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer

Sue started her career as a teacher in Wales and has spent many years working with adults, training and supporting them as they introduced new technology into the workplace. She has extensive experience in developing work-based training programs in new technologies.

In 2011 Sue took her first Nia class and that changed her life! As she took further courses in Nia she heard about Ageless Grace® and decided to take that on, becoming the first person in Australia to share the program with seniors and elders.

Since then Sue works in various aged care and respite facilities, including high care and with non-English speaking groups. While working with groups like these has given Sue the opportunity to use her skills to train and support other educators in Australia.

Sue’s relatively recent work has encouraged her to work more closely with the elders and seniors in the community and propels her to give them understanding, love, a listening ear and support as they approach end-of-life.

Ann Catlin OTR, LMT

Training & Education Consultant

Ann Catlin, OTR, LMT is a recognized expert in the field of skilled touch in aged care and hospice. A respected author and award-winning educator, she guides professionals in rediscovering “touch-as-medicine” in person centered dementia care. Drawing upon 30 years’ experience, she develops AGE-u-cate training programs and is a master trainer for Compassionate Touch® and Dementia Live®. Originally from the beautiful U.S. city of Flint Hills, Kansas, she now lives in Springfield, Missouri.