The Sunshine on My Face: Two-Lap Books®

The Sunshine on My Face: A Read-Aloud Book for Memory-Challenged Adults, 10th Anniversary Edition (Two-Lap Book)

People with Alzheimer's disease (and other forms of memory impairment) gradually lose their ability to initiate communication with others, so this uniquely adapted book "gives voice" to these people and their caregivers and loved ones. Re-released in a beautful 10th-anniversary edition, this first-of-it's-kind book continues to help make meaningful connections through sahred reading, reminiscence, and conversationa using the book's large, simple text and colorful illustrations about universally appealing activities. The audience includes both family caregivers and the cargiving staff in formal care settings who are looking for purposeful, interactive activities for engaging people with moderate dementia or memory deficits. This Two-Lap Book (R) is the first in a series of picutre storybooks for memory-challenged adults.