Pam Brandon

Our story began over 20 years ago when President and Founder, Pam Brandon, was faced with the journey of caring for her father who had Alzheimer’s disease and later, her mother with Parkinson’s disease. This journey led to Pam’s life calling; helping carers deal with similar life challenges.

In 2008, she joined other like-minded, passionate professionals to develop and present carer education programs in America throughout North Central Texas. As a speaker, facilitator, and training leader, she worked with hundreds of organisations, engaging thousands of family and professional care-partners. Pam witnessed the urgent need for innovative education for carers and providers and AGE-u-cate® Training Institute was created to meet this growing demand. Transformation is at the heart of our mission, as we create change in an ageing world.

Like our flagship programs Dementia Live™ and Compassionate Touch®, all our programs promise to deliver easy-to-learn, feasible solutions to create culture change within our client organisations.

We are excited that our programs are undergoing evidenced-based research at major universities. The AGE-u-cate team travels the globe learning, and passionately sharing, our programs to inspire new levels of care for our elders and teach people how to embrace wellness and joy in their later years.

Pam’s vision born from her personal journey is now boldly changing the face of ageing and caring with creativity, innovation, and passion built into each and every program that our company offers. We look forward to robust expansion with our fast-growing network of partners, collaborators, and trainers around the world.